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How To Live A Positive Lifestyle – Acquire Peace of Mind

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A positive lifestyle is not just a term; it is the ultimate desire for every human. Nobody wants to stress over things, and nobody likes to feel alone and scared. Humans, as a civilization, have achieved extraordinary heights. We have seen far in space and deep into the oceans. We have life-saving medical care and machines to help us produce or get things that otherwise would have taken quite a long time to achieve

Be it a big city or a small town; there are comfortable houses for most people with access to things that we can consider a dream for someone from a few decades back. 

In short, we can all agree that the physical aspect of the human life cycle has flourished in the last few years. Unfortunately, the world has also turned into a rat race, with people having significantly less time to spend with themselves. 

The mental aspect or the mental health of individuals has been on a downhill ride. There has been a tremendous rise in cases related to mental health due to various factors. Unemployment, drugs, mental illness, poverty are just a few of the many causes that force people to take such a step.

Under such testing times, especially now with the COVID-19 pandemic, I thought it would be best to help you with a few things and ideas you could use to be thankful for whatever you are, and you have. As for centuries, it has been said and use as a positive lifestyle quote

                                                     “Gratitude is the first step to a Positive Lifestyle.”

What is the Idea of a Positive Lifestyle?

This may be a subjective term as every individual has a different definition of what they consider a positive approach to life. Is money, power, possession the answer? Trips to foreign and exotic places, taking pictures at beautiful places, is what you believe is the definition of a positive lifestyle? 

If you do believe that it’s true, that is your preference, and as long as you feel you are happy doing it, you can call this “your” positive lifestyle. 

I am a firm believer in the fact that money can define your lifestyle but not your life. As much as it is crucial for your survival, not having tons of it in your bank account does not mean you can’t lead a life of positivity.

So, What is the Meaning of a Positive Lifestyle?

As I have already stated above, a positive lifestyle is an idea of living, which varies with every other opinion. There are, although, a few basic things that come to mind when we talk about a positive lifestyle. A few of them include :

  • Peace of Mind

    Having control over the emotions inside of us, being in a constant state of balance, free for anxiety and worries. It is easy to be distracted by the thoughts you are trying to ignore. Feeling unaccepted in society may make us think that we are not good enough. Having negative thoughts is OK; its what makes us human, but not letting them get over, you should be the ultimate aim. Just keep shoving them away, and you will learn to, eventually, feel relaxed even in the time of worry.

  • Self-Improvement and Self-Acceptance

    Everyone is different, physically, mentally, socially, and this is something we as humans need to understand. It's not something new for our civilization but has been embedded deep inside our brain. We need to stop comparing ourselves with others and learn to accept us for who we are. That is self-acceptance, but there are things bout us that we can improve. The way you present yourself to the world, how you interact, how you articulate your thoughts are the things you can improve on. You can exercise to make you keep your body healthy and improve your metabolism. In short, Self-Acceptance for the things you cannot change, and Self_improvment for the things you can.

  • Don't Turn a Room of Problem into A Castle of Worries

    Its a simple thing. Most of us make a mountain out of a molehill. The problem may be a tiny issue, but we will overthink or over-analyze the situation to turn it into something bigger than it is supposed to be. You should know when to STOP your thought process from wandering deep into the realms of obscure imagination, where you end up considering the worst-case scenario. Think for a minute, when was the time you were in a position like this.

These were a few ideas that I would say define a Positive Lifestyle from my opinion of the topic. Now, these are just three out of a possibly large number of tips, and honestly, it is you who can figure out what fits the best for you. 

positive lifestyle
Image by Kiran Hania from Pixabay

Now that we have cleared out what the theoretical meaning of a Positive Lifestyle means, we can discuss a few things that help you achieve the positivity you are looking for in your life. 

It’s not a shortcut that you can take. It is a road with many difficulties and requires perseverance. You need to make sure that you are disciplined and patient. It might take years for you to see the benefits of this type of lifestyle. 

With the pace this world moves, I firmly believe years will flash by us. Stay true to yourself and observe the miraculous turn that your mind and life will take.

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What is the Idea of a Positive Lifestyle?

There are several ways mentioned and preached by many scholars and spiritual gurus. To get into all that will turn this article into a book. 

There are, however, a few approaches that have remained constant throughout, irrespective of the Guru. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

1. Meditation

This Point might sound like such a cliche, but meditation has proven itself over the years that It is more than sitting still and blanking out. Meditation gives you an option to clear out your head and remove the thoughts that seem to hold you down. It is an escape to a world that can fill you up with positivity and let go of the stress and worries of the day. 

It’s believed that the vibrations coming out of you decide the vibe you present and feel. Ask yourself for a minute, the first words, the first vibrations that come out of your vocal cords when you wake up, are they positive words or not. Do you wake up complaining to yourself, or do you wake up and be thankful. 

This might sound like a stupid test, but it plays a crucial role in setting up your mood for the day. Unless you are a baby with a diaper full of poop, there is no reason for you to be cranky.

I will vouch for the benefits of meditation as I have had the first-hand experience with them. It can turn your life around and bring a change in your personality and outlook. 

If you need help with getting started with meditation, you can check out our article to help you with it.

Also Read: Beginner’s Guide to Meditation

2. Be Comfortable With Who You Are

It’s a straightforward thing to understand but extremely hard to apply in life, especially living in a social media world dominated by influencers who portray life as a fairy tale. It should not come as a surprise that a large majority of the population wants to be in the shoes of the travelers or the vloggers that we see on the internet.

The bulk of people are not happy with what they have, which negatively impacts their lives and mental health. The media, the advertisement industry, has brainwashed us into becoming something we are not meant to be. A few might succeed and become big, but that DOES NOT mean the rest of the people are a bunch of failures.

The faster we start to accept Us for what we are, the better it is for our mental health. The day you realize that your life is perfectly fine and there is nothing wrong with not being famous or not driving around in a Lamborghini, the rest of the things in your life will start to look better than before.

3. Stop Worrying About What Is To Come

Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

First thing first, this does not mean “Stop Caring.” Your life is a beautiful experience, and you need to make sure you make the most of it. 

Yes, What lies ahead for us is beyond our control and comprehension, but that must not stop us from what we want to achieve or do. Just because we don’t know what will happen in the next 10 years, we cannot stop living our lives. 

With that conflict out of the way, let get to the primary explanation for this idea. Many of us worry about the future – we are very concerned about our health, our plans, the people around us, the money, and a lot of other things. As much as it makes sense to plan and work smart as we move along with time, worry about something that we cannot even imagine is foolish. The most you can do is exercise and eat healthy to ensure your body stays fit and save money for emergencies. Worrying about your loved ones does not help anybody.

On the contrary, it damages your mental as well as physical health. If you are worried about your children or your family members, encourage them to take the right steps. Honestly speaking, the rest is not in your hands. It’s better to spend quality time with them instead of thinking of the worse in your head.

4. Read More, Scroll Less

I love the internet, maybe not social media, but the internet as a whole is a hub of all the world’s information. It has everything literally, but unfortunately, we keep jumping around from Facebook to Instagram to some other social media platform. Keeping up to date with the latest news and the things happening around the world is not bad. We are lucky to be the first generation to have all the world’s information and updates right in our pockets.

What we lack is self-control. A small browsing session turns into a 2-hour marathon, with you looking at pictures of people and things that you don’t even know anything about. There is a saying that goes like, “If it doesn’t add value to your life, don’t do it.”  

This is an approach you need to apply in your life if you are trying to achieve your goals. Time flies very fast, and it’s best if you focus on the things you want to see happen instead of scrolling through miles and miles on Instagram or Facebook. 

Obviously, this point is not for people who want to grow in the field of social media. 

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Surround yourself with books or websites or Youtube videos that teach you about the things you love or want to get. I’ll share the list of books that you must read to bring about change in your life. 

I prefer books over reading articles on the phone due to the radiation from the phones. The blue light from a device’s screen can hamper your sleep and trick your brain in staying awake. 

Also, books don’t need a charger.

Books to help you along the way :

Book Author Book Image Buy On Amazon
The Giving Tree
Shel Silverstein
As A Man Thinketh
James Allen
Héctor García
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
Joseph Murphy
The Happiness Hypothesis
Jonathan Haidt
Who Moved My Cheese?
Spencer Johnson
Man's Search For Meaning
Viktor E Frankl

What Else Can We Do?

The points that I’ve written about are the easiest to apply in our daily lifestyle. There are many other ideas that I can write about but using them in our life is usually not that easy.

The points I will mention are created by the “wise men” to sell their products. It is an idea devised by the people who have reached the level of success they aspired for or already have a lot of money collected. There is a difference in the points I have mentioned above and the ideas I will describe now.

The above points can be applied by anyone, regardless of their income, work, and lifestyle in their lives. The points below are not for everyone but I would suggest you to go through them. 

Applying them in your life is a personal and optional choice. Some examples like ->

  • See Good In Everything or See the positive in every situation

    There are good things, and there are bad things, or you may refer to them as positive vibrations or negative vibrations. There are a lot of things that we cannot force ourselves to see good. Wars, Massacres, Violence, betrayal, etc. are a few things where we cannot find positivity.

  • Live in the Present

    Its easier said than done. I know its mentioned above to not worry about what is to come. That is for the things that are not in our control. Human life, well any life, leans more on experience rather than instantaneous thought. Every decision you take is somehow related to something you might have experienced in the past. Living in the moment seems like a very fulfilling idea, but applying in real life takes a lot of guts..... and luck.

  • Get Rid of Your Ego

    As mentioned above, this is another thing that is easier to say than to put into action. Ego or pride is inbuilt, and to get rid of that, you need years of practice and self-discipline. Let's be honest, as much as we all want to live in peace, it is not possible. At some point or another, something might hurt our ego and make us feel angry or unwanted. You can control your emotions, but you can never get rid of them.

  • Take a Sabbatical

    A small vacation, a couple of times a year sounds lovely. We all deserve to spend some quality time with our families or alone, away from the routine. Taking a sabbatical refers to quitting your job and traveling around to find YOU!! Sounds Amazing but unfortunately, not for everyone.

    If you are the sole earner in the family, hate your job and want to quit. Don't!!! Quitting will make it worse. Unless you have a backup plan, or you are still young with no responsibility. Otherwise, You cannot leave everything behind and start backpacking through Asia.

    This tip is only for people who can afford not having a source of income for a few months, not for every individual. We see it on YouTube, people talking about how they left their jobs, and now they are happy and found their purpose.

    What we don't see is the actual number of people who quit their jobs and failed on this journey to find themselves.


There is no mantra to live a happy life. It takes patience and determination to be better. This idea of a positive lifestyle is yours, and only you can live it. Unless there is calm inside you, no spiritual guru, no books, and no extended hours of meditation will help. 

The cases we have mentioned above are the necessary foundation of a positive lifestyle. It’s the alphabet; choosing the words is in your hands. 

Learning an instrument can also help you take off your mind of the worries troubling you. Personally, I started playing guitar when I was feeling low, and it has helped me a lot. Budget and Beginner friendly. 

Always remember that whenever you read or listen to a piece of advice, make sure to discuss it with yourself first. Never start believing in something the minute you read it or listen to it. Take a few moments to understand the words before accepting or discrediting the advice. When you can think clearly and not over-think, life becomes much more manageable and positive. 

We have shared a list of books to help you clearly understand how to turn your life around. These are affiliate links, and we will get a small commission if you choose to buy this from our links, but the books we have listed are Worth The Investment. Make sure at least check out one.

Please share what your idea of a positive lifestyle is in the comment section or join us on social media to participate in discussions and help people with their issues.

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