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By Rajat

Hey There, I hope you are doing alright. Welcome to AllBlogsUnite (mad rhyming skills). This website is a classic example of how a procrastinator like me can change his lifestyle and work ethics to work on something he has been postponing for ages. He can!!! Here is a little introduction to us and what made me create AllBlogsUnite.

There are too many blogs on the internet. With so many articles dedicated to a single product, it is tough to remember a name. Honestly speaking, It gets confusing with so many different domains or websites to gather the information from that I usually get more frustrated than relieved. Especially, when the things that we love are on different websites, it kinda sucks.


Here is our story in a nutshell. 🙂

This frustration, for me, somehow managed to light up a bulb in my brain. I have always been curious and fascinated with all the data on the internet. As much as bookmarking a website helps, I usually forget about them as we have the habit of entering text straight into the search bar. Also, my question is generally related to something different than the things I bookmark.

One fateful day, I was facing issues with my internet that made me feel like I was back in 2010. It took such a long time to get answers and read about things from different websites that I almost gave up on ever finding the solutions and probably called 4G a hoax(multiple times).

In all honesty, I have been meditating for many years now and that one incident showed me that I am still a human. My emotions get over my head and kick the wannabe monk right in the shin, which is totally fine. There is no shame in that. *sad violin music*

On the bright side, This anger led to the creation of, which I earlier had decided to name “kindaeverything.”

“Deciding the categories was hard (We will keep updating and changing the categories’ list as we progress). I wanted to make sure that I only add the things that I have an idea about. There is no point in having a niche and not knowing what to post in it. It was overwhelming initially, with no idea what to write, so I decided to take help from people I know. So now I have a bunch of people, Earth’s kind souls, helping me with the content you see on the website.”

I don’t want anyone to be confused and run around looking for things they like. Another reason I had for putting all these categories together was to make sure that if you wnt to read about something you are not interested in, but want to try………. you don’t have to go anywhere else. Who knows you could become a science geek from a movie buff or vice versa. 

The human brain is Amazing, such a small space but can hold all the information you feed to it. So, keep on reading and expand your horizon of knowledge. Be able to talk about anything from Music to Inventions or give your friends travel tips and show them how to decorate their house.

This is just a small part of Our Story, we hope to grow and flourish as a project. We are hoping to see you as a part of Our story.

We hope you enjoy our articles and find what you are looking for on the website. We would love to interact and share our stories with you. We would appreciate it if you would join us and be a part of our Family on Social Media. We would wait for your feedback, suggestions, guest writing requests, and of course, complaints 🙁

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