5 Powerful Steps To Learn Meditation – Empower Your Mind

Self Guided Motivation -Beginner's guide to Meditation

Life is stressful enough, and with the Covid-19 scare, everything came to a standstill. Times are tough, and we can’t say that we are past the pandemic; we are still right in the middle of it.

I prefer to look at the positive side because, hey, what good will come if we keep on worrying. We can agree that we have the opportunity to stay at home and have that, always in demand, “ME TIME.”

Meditation For Me

For me, I took this time to learn the guitar and well, start a website. I have been meditating for a very long time, and it has kept me calm in MOST of the bad situations that I have landed myself in. The best part is that since I am in no way interested in becoming a monk, 15 minutes 5 days a week, and at any hour program is working the best for me.

Not only, I usually am much more relaxed, but those 15 minutes of pure silence are also a gift. No thoughts, no worries, It’s you and the dark world you see with your eyes closed, which is ironic, as that dark world is the home to some of the most positive energies that you can feel. 

I am no psychic, but you try this thing for a month, and you will feel what I am talking about. It’s not a superpower, but maybe something much better, calm, and I am sure that we need it in today’s world.

So, let’s start reading How to spend 15 minutes a day with yourself without any further adieu.

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Find a Comfortable Spot for Meditation

I read it somewhere that contrary to popular belief, you can meditate anywhere. You can be sitting on a couch or sitting by the pool or even walking your dog. The only problem is meditation demands the complete surrender of your thoughts and leap of faith into the zone. (So, I won’t recommend it while driving, but you guys are smart enough). 

For me, I usually sit on the balcony on a chair with my back straight (which is very important), slumping may make you feel sleepy. 

The most preferred way is to sit with your legs crossed. You can also sit on the couch or buy a yoga mat. 

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Let the Movie Play In Your Head.

Alright, assuming have decided where to sit, now comes the most challenging part – “Starting the session.”

A lot of people I have talked to and trained always have this question :
Whenever I close my eyes, all these memories and thoughts take over me, and I can see them when I close my eyes and cannot meditate.

My answer to these guys is straightforward:
When we first start to meditate, it is quite common to get all these images in our head, as I like to call them “The movie.” Usually, it’s not a constant thought, but a series of philosophies and memories. IT IS OKAY to have them; all you need to make sure is not let them stick to your mind.

Let these thoughts flow like a river, and they will go away in a few minutes. If they don’t, keep your eyes closed and complete your 15 minutes session and then write these thoughts down and think why they came to your mind in the first place and try it again the next day.

They will all disappear in a few days once you learn how to control your mind’s thought process. Our body takes time to adapt.


Meditation and Breathing

Meditation helps us connect to the inner-self and what better way to enter the body then the same source that keeps us alive. *drum rolls* Yes, Breathing. 

Such a subtle thing that we ignore it, and we know how important is it, in the same way, our body is a machine far more advanced than the space ships in 21st-century science fiction, and our mind has the answers to a lot of things we yearn to learn.

Observing our lungs expand and then gradually deflate is an experience, I BET, you will appreciate. The more oxygen in the brain, the better you focus and also it acts as a natural metronome. It also helps you distract from all the other things going on around you, and for me, it usually activates my selective deafness trait. (Read about Selective deafness in meditation) 

Focus and Relax

You cant expect to take a tour of your mind while you are sitting like an expanded rubber band or a better person who got tasered. You cannot force or squeeze your muscles in the body while sitting; that’s a strict NO-NO. 

It would be best if you made sure that your body is relaxed when you are sitting. There should be no voluntary energy/effort to hold yourself up straight; your body does that independently. So, shrug your shoulders, straighten up your back and keep your head up and straight. You don’t want to put tension on your neck. 

Close your eyes, take a few breaths while you start the session. Based on the level of your experience, this time duration can be different for every individual. Once you are relaxed, try to focus at a point right between your eyebrows, where the nose end, or you can choose not to focus anywhere in particular and keep your pupils glued in a place for a bit.
What you see when you close your eyes is different for everybody. 

I usually see a 2-D plane, pitch black, and from there, I try to listen and observe to me breathing. It might be different for you. 

If you have just started, be patient because I am quite sure “The Movie” will begin soon on the dark screen. Like mentioned before, let it flow and keep trying to get rid of thoughts. It’s okay if you can’t do it for a first few tries.


End The Session

Once you feel calm enough, It’s time to end the session. Picture the room or the place where you are sitting without opening your eyes. From your memory, make an image of your surroundings. 

Slowly, open your eyes and make sure you don’t get up instantly. Sit comfortably for a couple more minutes and look around you. Look at your hands your feet and observe any change of energy you feel in them. 

You will feel different. If you do, It means the session was a success. By any chance, If you think the same, WELL, tomorrow is another day 🙂


Once you finish the season, you can try to do a few other things to feel relaxed for a much longer time. You can listen to some calm and uplifting music while you finish the rest of the chores or light up a SAFE incense stick. 

You can get to your garden, spend a few minutes touching the plants (Which many people don’t know but are very helpful when it comes to cheering yourself up), or get indoor plants.

You can change the light bulbs you are using in your house and read something peaceful, and If you have a day ahead of you, well, you can take the good vibes along with you and remember, the bad moments are not everlasting. 

One day, all they will be thoughts and memories, just like the ones you might have seen at the start of the session.

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