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Must Have Home Safety Devices – Safeguard Your Family & Wealth

We are familiar with the saying, “Precaution is better than the cure.”  It is better to be prepared for some unexpected event rather than believing, “It has not happened yet, it won’t happen in the future.” Here in this list, we would bring you 6 things you MUST have at your home to deal with unforeseen situations or incidents. These home safety items can turn out to be the difference between saving your property or life and losing something or someone very close to you.

I am pretty sure that you would consider having these devices installed in your house after thinking about how much they can help you face situations that you probably never expected to be in.

                                                     “Don’t Wait For The Worse To Happen, Be Ready.”

Why these Home Safety Devices?

Being prepared and having all these items in your house can significantly make you feel less anxious.

House Fires due to short circuit, Harmful Gases in the room, Natural calamity, or even other humans pose a significant threat to your well being. It makes sense to keep yourself safe even before something happens. There is a reason that houses constructed in the big cities have to make sure they are on par with the safety standards. It doesn’t matter how small the chances are; there always is a RISK present.

Without any further delay, let us start with the list of Home Safety Items to keep you. Safe and worry-free.

Without any further delay, let us start with the list of Home Safety Items to keep you. Safe and worry-free.

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Fire Extinguisher

Hands down, fire extinguishers are something every household and every vehicle should have. As much as a small bonfire with the family and friends seems like an excellent idea, it can turn risky in a matter of seconds. Short circuits near wooden furniture or around other flammable items can spread the fire like a rumor.

A fire that is out of control is a hazardous accident for you and the houses or things around the fire source.

There were more than 5 lakh cases of fire reported in India in the year 2019. Statistically, every 5th death due to fire is from India. This estimate should be more than enough for you to prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario. 

Buying a fire extinguisher isn’t costly and having one in your home, and one in a vehicle can probably be a difference between life and death in an unforeseen circumstance. Even if it cannot stop the fire, it will give you the crucial time to get away from the hazard. It might seem a bit expensive but it is definitely cheaper than the value of your life and family.

Eco Fire ABC Powder Type 2 Kg Fire Extinguisher (For HOME)
Ceasefire Powder Based Car & Home Fire Extinguisher (For Vehicle)

First Aid Kit

I don’t even need to tell how much of a lifesaver a first aid kit is. I am pretty sure, at least once in your life, you must have faced a situation where you regretted not having a first aid kit in your inventory. This kit can save the crucial first few minutes in case of a severe injury. Even if it’s not a serious thing, you can take care of the wound at your home, reduce the chances of getting it infected, and probably save the trip to a doctor.
I am pretty sure you already know that you need a first aid kit. 

Even if it stays in the back of a cupboard, it will come in handy during an emergency or maybe, when your kid scrapes his knee.

Gas Detector

Has this ever happened to you? You decide to go for a trip, and halfway in the journey, you can’t seem to remember if you have turned off the gas knob or not. That is a pretty standard scare for a lot of families. How cool would it be if you had a detector in your house that can smell the toxic gases and alert you? 

In the case of boiled milk extinguishing the flame, the LPG gas might keep on leaking. This is a major security hazard. Or maybe it is the gas from the stove or the water heater is releasing poisonous fumes, having a gas detector can prevent a disaster and save the lives of you and your loved ones. 

They are easy to set up and budget-friendly; grab one from the link below.

Triumph Kitchen Lpg/Png/Cng Gas Leak Detector & Heat Detector System

Security Camera

The next item on the list of home safety device is the good old security camera. Security cameras not only stop the criminals from attempting something because of the fear of getting caught, but they can also act as a critical source of proof in case of some mishappening.

They can be presented as proof to insurance companies, to the police, or anyone who might need them for legal action.

Today, security cameras are available online at low prices and are easy to set up. Not only in your homes, but cameras can also be set up in your vehicles to record any unfortunate accident that you may face. They can record and save you from legal actions if the accident was not your fault or was unavoidable.

It can also record other vehicle’s details and help you recover the damages or press charges.

The security cameras work with wifi and can show you the live update of the events in its view and having once in your car is probably a very smart idea.

D3D 2MP (1920x1080P) Alexa Support WiFi Wireless Home Security Camera CCTV with Cloud Storage & Night Vision Black
Blueskysea B1W WiFi Mini Dash Cam Car Camera Vehicle

Disaster Kit

Disaster kits are a unique addition to this list. Many people don’t look at them as useful, as you may never get to use it. The same can be said for Health Insurance, but we know how important that is.

This item is something you should be happy with collecting dust in a corner and making you feel safe because you have it, at the same time.

As the name implies, a disaster kit is a set of tools you might need in a natural or human-made disaster. This could have anything from flashlights to a knife. You can save packaged food and bottled water for dire situations. Although you can find the basic disaster kits online, you should feel free to customize them according to you. It’s a unique but a very home safety device

Family Disaster Survival Kit/Be Risk Ready for disasters Such as Earthquakes, Floods, Fires and Storms


Although all these things might not seem like the things you will use every day, you cannot deny the importance of having these things in your arsenal.

Who knows when they may save your life. As we have always talked about how unpredictable life is, being prepared for the things you could have avoided is one of those better life decisions.

Investing in these products won’t burn a hole in your pocket, but it will definitely keep you worry-free. “When the disaster strikes, don’t be surprised, be prepared.”

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