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5 Gym Equipment You Need To Own – Home Workout Essential

5 Gym Equipments You can Keep In Your Bedroom -

“If you can’t go to the gym, how about you bring the gym equipment home?” Gyms are crowded and loud, not to mention full of sweat. With the COVID still on the peak, we decided to present the 5 Gym equipment for home. 

It is convenient, and having all the equipment at home can prevent you from making excuses to not go to the gym. We all know how good we are with those excuses.

Why Buy Gym Equipment?

We have noticed that the cost of a gym membership has skyrocketed in the last few years. A gym membership can easily cost you around 20-24k (INR) annually. It is a financially smart decision to invest in buying gym equipment for home. 

I would invest 10K or less to own equipment rather than spending 3 times more money on gym membership per year. 

From the experience and stories, we all know most of the people quit after a few days of motivation. Check out our article on self-motivation to workout here.

Depending on your budget, you can easily select gym equipment online and make yourself a small and happy home gym. 

We do not need all those fancy things to work out. A bench, a rod, and a few dumbbells can do the job for you. Chime in a pull-up bar and a resistance band; You won’t even bother going to a gym again.6

What Kind Of Gym Equipment Will We Talk About?

We want you to work on every single muscle group in your body, therefore,  we got you all covered with resistance bands for your legs to the pull-up bar for the obliques. 

Another benefit of having home equipment is that you get to decide when you workout. With everything right in your home, the time of day should not matter, and neither should the weather.

Time to kick the Quitter in us in the shin and So……..

...... without any further delay, Let's start reading about the equipment to turn your home into your private gym.

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1. Dumbbell Set

gym equipment dumbbell
Image by Henryk Niestrój from Pixabay

If you have already been working out, you must know how essential dumbbells are. Dumbbells can be used by anyone, from the person who just started working out to the human who looks like a spartan warrior.

Having dumbbells at home opens the world of new possibilities. They can be used to target particular muscle or different muscle groups at the same time.

The sheer number of exercises you can do with dumbbells; you might not feel like using any other equipment at all.

In conclusion, an excellent investment if you are serious about working from home to transform your body.

Check out this dumbbell set on Amazon. Feel free to select a different product based on your level of strength.

Star X PVC20KG Dumbbell Set Combo

2. Yoga Mat

Yoga mat is not just a colorful mat, its your back’s best friend on the hard surface. 

A yoga mat is a necessity if you are working out a home. Although a lot of people will not call it a piece of gym equipment, I would disagree.

It not only provides you a soft surface to workout when laying down, but it also prevents your limbs from slipping. If you are working out at home, the floor will be hard, and you obviously, wouldn’t want to slip on it.

Have a yoga mat; save your front teeth.

You can perform your core workout comfortably without the hard surface scrapping your body, and when you are tired from your session, you can fall on it and relax for a bit. That’s my favorite thing to do, haha.

If you are buying a yoga mat, make sure the thickness is 6mm or 8mm.

VIFITKIT Yoga & Exercise Mat for Gym Workout and Flooring Exercise

3. Resistance Bands

If you are not familiar with resistance bands, let me tell you how amazing they are. You can trigger your muscles in every single body part. Resistance bands are easy to install and use. Attach them on a hook or keep them under your feet.

You can do simple movements, as well as complex exercises.  Their small size makes them an excellent choice to carry along if you are traveling and don’t want to miss the training. The resistance is strong enough.

If you aim is just to stay in shape or tone the arms, you should definitely get yourself one if these resistance bands. 

A good session will leave your muscles pumped and sore.  A piece of essential workout equipment to have in your arsenal. You can trust the band.

The quality is good enough. I am add the link to the bands I used, and believe me it has not snapped, yet. 

FEGSY Resistance Bands Set for Exercise, Stretching, and Workout Toning Tube Kit with Foam Handles

4. Kettle bells

gym equipment
Image by Michal Renčo from Pixabay

Kettle-bells are like dumbbells, but not exactly. Confused?

Kettle-bells are an excellent choice when it comes to burning extra calories by intense cardio workout. It improves your strength as well as helps you attain a full range of motion. The main difference between a dumbbell and a kettle-bell is the center of gravity. It means that the effect of both the equipment will be different for the same exercise.

There is a wide range of exercises to do with kettle-bells. Although, it is considered to be a strength and a cardio workout equipment, it can also help you develops the muscle definition.

If you want to attain the maximum benefits from the cardio session, add in the jumping rope. Both of these things can help you shed a lot of calories and develop strength and stamina at the same time.

We would positively recommend buying the set and reap the benefits of this amazing weight equipment. 

Read about: Dumbbells vs Kettle-Bells. When to use what? (Coming soon, Click here to subscribe to alerts)

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Kakss Half Coating Neoprene Kettlebell
Burnlab Metallic Handle Skipping Rope

5. Pull Up Bar

gym quipment
Image by Keven Brown from Pixabay

If somebody asks me to do 1 exercise for the rest of my life to get ripped, I will choose Pull-Ups. There is no other workout I would do but this one.

This exercise can transform your body. It can increase your strength exponentially. It is regarded as one of the most challenging movements to perform. If you are a beginner, this would be a challenging exercise to master.

Its benefits are immense. It strengthens your back, giving it the desired V look. It significantly improves strength in your arms and improves your grip. Not only that, but It also plays a role in improving your spine’s power and gives you the full-body workout experience. 

Again, If you want to change your body fast, this is the exercise you should do. Aim to get better at it and you will be thanking yourself (after a lot of days of pain and probably the thoughts of quitting). 

Warning, Pull-ups are not friendly. Doing 3 sets of 10 reps can make you feel sore for days. Make sure you stretch before you hang on that bar.

Read About: Benefits of Pull-Ups (Coming soon, Click here to subscribe to alerts)


Kore K WM Mounting Construction Fitness Pull Up Bar with Bands


As much as it might seem hard to get up and start working out, nothing beats the feeling of looking at our pumped body after a workout. Buying the gym equipment for home workout can have a positive psychological effect on your brain and may motivate you to exercise.

Also, given how it is not safe at the moment to go out to the gym, having the equipment in the comfort of your home would be a smart decision if you don’t want the COVID belly. 

It would be much better for your wallet to buy the equipment, instead of spending twice the amount on gym memberships.

Let us know in the comments, what you feel like doing to improve yourself. We might be able to help you 🙂

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