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5 Basic Yet Important Travel Tips You Need To Keep In Mind

The Travel Tips You Need To Know

There is a quote that I find relatable and honest on so many levels, “You can travel for ages, but the awe will never vanish.” The possibilities in the world of traveling are infinite. A First-timer and maybe, someone experienced can take help from a few travel tips and enjoy exploring with something less to worry.

The internet is full of tips for traveling, and I love reading about them. As someone who has spent a lot of time trekking through woods and exploring cities, I can say that these travel tips help. From buying Flight tickets to making sure that the hotel you are staying in is safe. The recommendations coming from strangers on the internet can help you enjoy a wonderful vacation.

I will be posting much content here and many more travel tips and tricks, but I want to start with something very IMPORTANT. The five tips that I am sharing are Crucial and usually ignored by people. They can help you have a safe vacation and come back home with exotic memories.

So, read till the end. Who knows, maybe one day, these tips will come in handy.

Travel Tip : Research about the place

I know you want to surprise yourself, but don’t be stupid. We know social media is filled with gurus and stuff, posting pictures, and making you believe everything. Every travel story is different, and every person will have a different experience.

I would request you to research the place where you are going from a credible source. Imagine going to Kashmir in June and taking winter clothes because someone told you its a cold place.

It would help if you also researched the hotels and the nearby emergency places.
Read about the climate, people, wildlife, and language. Not only will this help you in the travel, but you can also boast of knowing a phrase in a new language— +5 smart points.

travel tips
Image by Stela Di from Pixabay

Travel Tip : Take care of your belonging

You can go on a vacation with a giant ass bag, but make sure you always have a small bag to keep the light and necessary items while you trek or explore the cities. Keep the big bag locked in the hotel room with the essential documents, and put only a few things in the small bag that you might need on your outdoor adventure.

You can keep this travel tip in mind while visiting a beach or a place where you may have to leave your bag unattended for some time.

Not only will it reduce a hell lot of amount of weight of your shoulders and back, but it will also be easy to take care of and carry around.

Travel Tip : Do not show off your money or wealth

Nobody likes a showoff. Yes, and I-phone is a good phone, but that doesn’t mean you need to flaunt it like you own The Kohinoor.

The rest of the travel tips will make your vacation easy; this one may save your life.

Traveling makes sure you don’t talk about how much money you make or how many valuable things you have waiting for you back home.

It is a well-known fact that famous tourist places attract con-men and criminals.
You indeed don’t wanna get kidnapped or mobbed in a strange city or even country, where even the cops might be the part of the THUG association. Losing your money in foreign land?? That’s what nightmare is.

travel tips
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Travel Tip : Learn the commonly used words/sentences

One thing you don’t want to happen is get lost and have an awkward hand movement/gesture conversation with the locals who speak an entirely different language. I am guilty of doing just that. This travel tip will help you with that.

Although we live in the era of Google translate, I would recommend keeping a printed copy of a few crucial sentences and words with you. The phone’s battery and an internet connection cannot be trusted if you are looking for an adventure. 

The old-school hard copy might save your life or well, dignity. In case you get lost in the woods, because of your dumb friend told you THEY KNOW THE WAY, you can be the smart one and talk to the local and get back to the campsite or hotel before the sunsets. We all have seen the Wrong Turn.

Travel Tip : Go with the vibe of your surrounding

You must have seen the meme “When you have to explore the woods at 9 pm but have to go to the night club at 10 pm”. This travel tip is for those who need to know how to be on the same energy level as the place you are visiting, and the way you dress up plays a significant role.

You don’t want to visit a forest dressed up like a person going for a Starbucks casual meeting. You probably should not walk into an art gallery or a formal venue dressed up like Edward Kenway.

Another important thing is, feeling the energies in the surrounding. Its a vacation, please stop editing the pictures you took. Instagram can wait. Live the moment; you can post it later.


All these travel tips seem so familiar, but still, people tend to ignore them. I have experienced several awkward and scary situations during my days of travel. I can say that these tips save them in your subconscious, they will help you one day.

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